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Career resources for science grad students

  • My Individual Development Plan Science Career’s excellent personalized career planning toolkit
  • Science magazine careers portal excellent collection of resources, articles, and career finding tools
  • Biocareers career resources and job postings for life science grad students
  • Careers in Science and Engineering a student planning guide to grad school and beyond
  • Bioscience careers extensive collection of past videotaped talks on paths from grad school to various careers
  • Benchfly science career development resources, from grad school to infinity and beyond
  • ScienceNexus a hub for resources for alternative career paths, featuring an extensive link collection and event listings
  • dougsguides a biology PhD and business exec writes this site to help students transition to the real world, particularly business


University of Washington resources

  • What Are All the PhDs: A brand new Tumblr site sharing personal career path stories of PhD-holders
  • How to Leave Academia a beautifully executed site dedicated to the total experience of leaving academia
  • The Grad Student Way tips on surviving a PhD, networking, finding a career path, and more from a UW-Madison PhD student
  • Just Another Electron Pusher chemistry grad students share stories and news about careers away from the bench
  • So you want to be a… this series from the Black Hole blog profiles post-PhD careers. No longer updated but worth reading
  • The self-mentoring scientist a grant writer, project manager, and science reacher-outer writes about self mentoring for science professionals
  • Leaving Academia stories, advice, reflection
  • PhDNet tips and thoughts on successfully navigating grad school and beyond

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Technology transfer

Science writing


Science policy

Science policy fellowships

Organization development

Competitive intelligence

Project management